Multiresidue Pesticides Screening and Quantitation in Complex Food Matrices Using an Agilent Ultivo QQQ LC/MS

This Application Note describes a UHPLC/MS/MS-based multiresidue method
for the determination of more than 250 pesticides and their metabolites in food
samples. The method benefits from the:
• Increased chromatographic resolution of the Agilent 1290 Infinity II UHPLC
• Versatile ionization capabilities of the Agilent Jet Stream ionization source
• Innovations housed in the Agilent Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS system that
reduce instrument footprint, yet maintain analytical sensitivity
The method has been applied to the analysis of pesticide residues in complex
matrices such as avocado and black tea.
Our results demonstrate that most of the compounds can be accurately quantified
below maximum residue limits (MRLs) in matrices with excellent precision. The
Ultivo LC/TQ is an ideal fit-for-purpose choice for routine pesticide residue testing
due to its much smaller footprint and ease-of-maintenance

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