Fragment Analyzers

Nucleic acid assessment with the Fragment Analyzer
Whether you need to separate 12 small RNA samples a week or QC hundreds of NGS libraries a day, Agilent – formerly Advanced Analytical has a solution. The Fragment Analyzer offers outstanding nucleic acid assessment for a broad range of applications, from fragment analysis to NGS library QC.
Built around a combination of parallel capillary electrophoresis and fluorescence detection, the Fragment Analyzer line offers a reliable combination of nucleic acid sizing and quantification. Samples, ranging from small RNA to genomic DNA, are assessed with ease, offering researchers remarkable versatility. Three unique Fragment Analyzer platforms address the differing throughput needs of researchers, from a dozen samples at a time to the unattended separation of over 2,400 a day.
5200/5300 Fragment Analyzers
5200/5300 Fragment Analyzer
The 5200 and 5300 Fragment Analyzers are well suited to laboratories that need to separate from 12 to 96 samples in parallel. The 5200 Fragment Analyzer uses a 12-capillary array while the 5300 Fragment Analyzer offers a 48 or 96 capillary array. Both platforms hold up to three, 96-well trays offering the ability to automate the separation of up to 288 samples.
5400 Fragment Analyzer
5400 Fragment Analyzer
The 5400 Fragment Analyzer is ideal for automated facilities that need to separate thousands of nucleic acid samples per day. Seamless integration with robotic systems and a 96-capillary array allow the 5400 Fragment Analyzer to complete over 2,400 separations a day with minimal user intervention.

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